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Top Stories Daily Climate October 29, 2015

Everyones favorite climate change fix from the Christian Science Monitor. Economists, officials, and executives across the globe are increasingly united around using carbon pricing to stem the rise of greenhouse-gas emissions. Can it work?

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Urge Zinke to sign on to house resolution on climate

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Vital Signs of the Planet

The evidence for rapid climate change is compelling. We can use this NASA website as a source for the scientific evidence on everything from the global temperature to sea level rise, forest cover, and much more. See for yourself!

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Some Republicans are ready to act on Climate Change

In a world where it often seems that Republicans want to ignore climate change, a light of hope recently was sparked.  Chris Gibson (NY – R) introduced House Resolution 424 (H Res 424) which calls for the House to commit … Continue reading

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Bring Republicans to the climate change table

Think Bi-Partisanship: NYTime 20151014 Republicans to CCL Table (pdf version of the article).

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