Hear Steve Running in Bozeman Nov 6!

CLIMATE: Charting a new course Panel featuring Dr. Running.

Every day we hear of a new flood, drought, or hurricane enhanced by the warmer atmosphere and ocean due to climate change. Let’s ask Dr. Steven Running “What does our climate future hold?” and hear from State Senator Mike Phillips, Citizens’ Climate Lobby co-leader Kristen Walser, and author and activist Jay Mennenga about what a transition towards a livable world could look like on a state, federal, and international level.

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  1. kbmasis says:

    Report from Bozeman CCL Panel last night: Dr. Steve Running said we may be “on the verge of a new dynamic” especially since the financial community is being advised by groups like the Carbon Tracking Group to reevaluate the vulnerabilities of fossil fuel investments. Result may be the erosion of financing for fossil fuels. Kristen Walser from CCL Bozeman described using legislative authority (instead of presidential authority) in the form of the Carbon Fee and Dividend as a “solution that would bring people together.” Check out CCL to learn how it is possible and necessary for Republicans to sign on to a revenue-neutral market-based solution. When the revenues from the fee on fossil fuels are returned to the people, it results in an economic boost. (See the CCL website and the REMI Report for details.) State Sen. Mike Phillips said “science needs to be applied to policy.” One example is his proposed bill in the last State Legislature (which was killed in committee) to have Montana scientists measure Montana’s “true wealth” in terms of natural resources to meet the (current) requirement that the Environmental Quality Council report every 2 years. Author Ray Mennenga follows the CO21 Talks in Paris on the UNFCCC Newsroom website. He introduced us to the world’s latest attempt to transition to a Low/ no carbon economy. Thanks to CCL Bozeman!


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