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Politics and global warming: under the surface

  Yale and George Mason Universities’  Climate Change Communication centers surveyed  U.S. voters  opinions of politics and global warming in March, 2016, as part of their ongoing study on “Climate Change and the American Mind”.  They report an increase in the … Continue reading

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Carbon tax done right?

In this Huffington Post blog from April 18, 2016, Jennifer Schwab, sustainability expert and columnist for Huffington Post Green, writes about a conference planned for May 24, 2016 in Washington, D.C. on the topic of an “integrated climate change and carbon tax program” … Continue reading

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Climate pricing according to IMF and World Bank

In yesterday’s  New York Times article, quoted by, the economic pain of raising the costs of fossil fuels by carbon pricing is featured.  There is no mention of  revenue-neutral programs such as that successfully used by British Columbia, or the … Continue reading

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Climate Advocacy and Psychology Meet

Feel frustrated trying to get people to see climate change the way we do?                Psychology and climate change advocacy have met and have a lot to say about this. The topic is “engagement”. … Continue reading

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Too hot for the bees

Our friend Alex Amonette  writes in a post on about a new report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services which describes the threat of floods, drought, smoke from wildfires, and high temperatures on the survival of bees. … Continue reading

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What you don’t know about carbon pricing

This April 2, 2016  Toronto Sun Editorial hit the nail on the head about carbon pricing.  They call out the Ontario government for its cap-and-trade carbon pricing scheme that is  “… unnecessarily complex and unfair carbon pricing …”  It gives companies … Continue reading

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