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Deep Decarbonization

Published in November 2015, the Executive Summary of the Policy Implications of Deep Decarbonization states that: “Deep decarbonization of the U.S. energy system is defined  as reducing CO2 from fossil fuel combustion to 1.7 metric tons per capita in 2050, an order … Continue reading

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It’s all about the money: the revenues from a carbon tax

Here is Part Two (April 26, 2016) of David Roberts’ Vox post on how to overcome the “political hurdles facing a carbon tax.” Apparently these hurdles include the stands of some carbon tax advocates. In the “anti-politics of revenue-neutrality,” Roberts talks … Continue reading

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Temper our enthusiasm?

David Roberts, formerly of Grist, writes in Vox (April 22, 2016) that it has “become conventional wisdom that a price on carbon has become the sine qua non of serious climate policy.” In Part One of a two-part post, Roberts raises questions … Continue reading

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Diversity on Equitable Carbon Pricing

SSN Forum The Scholars Strategy Network Forum on “Building Democratic Support for Equitable Carbon Pricing” in March, 2016, includes opinions by six U.S. academics. According to the SSN Forum: Raising the price of carbon dioxide emissions would mitigate climate damage by … Continue reading

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Ski industry responds to climate change

CCL News posted an article May 13, 2016, by Alex Counts, former president and CEO of the Grameen Foundation, on the response by the National Ski Areas Association to threats to their industry from lack of snow.

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Wasting time arguing

WBUR blog  In this WBUR NPR News Station blog, Wade Rouch, a research associate at MIT’s Program in Science, Technology, and Society, points out that by framing the impasse on slowing carbon emissions as “science wars”, we are not having the … Continue reading

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Dialogue across differences in Montana

  For 25 years, the Public Conversations Project in Boston has offered “a unique approach to dialogue that promotes connection and curiosity among those who saw one another as enemy.”  The Public Conversations Project helps people feel understood and better understand others, … Continue reading

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