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“Why value nature? It’s better to be roughly right than really wrong.”

Hunter Lovins posts on Huffington Post June 15, 2016 in a series on natural capital. The Natural Capital Coalition’s vision is to support a “shift to a world where business conserves and enhances natural capital.”  Lovins says we are allowing economic activity to … Continue reading

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Externalities (the musical)

“Externalities (the musical)” Opening Act         “Carbon Fee and Dividend” How does the carbon fee, charged at the source                                       … Continue reading

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Scepticism on pricing carbon

Today in the,  Andrew Simms in the Guardian suggests that we take a deeper look into the economic models that show carbon pricing as a solution to climate change. Commenting on BP’s call for a “meaningful price on carbon” in … Continue reading

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To the editorial board of the WSJ

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Alberta passes carbon tax

Canadian Press reports that Alberta’s legislature has put into law a carbon tax. It is not revenue-neutral but includes rebates for middle- and low-income Albertans.

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“Support for carbon pricing is surging”

Bruce Hagen says in green tech media January, 2016, and it’s time for the solar and renewable energy lobby to get involved in carbon pricing policy.  Why?  One, because “carbon pricing is critical” to decarbonizing global energy in the next one-half century, … Continue reading

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Transition to reliable prosperity

From Citizens’ Climate University,  Joe Robertson on CCL’s proposal for carbon fee and dividend. Fee and Dividend 201 focuses on the basics of CCL’s proposal “in the context of conversations about the wider economic and political reasons for supporting this kind … Continue reading

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