“314 species on the brink”

030_Sibl_9780307957900_art_r1                                                           According to Audubon’s Birds and Climate Change Report  of 2014, “shrinking and shifting ranges could imperil nearly half of U.S. birds in this century.”

David Yarnold, President and CEO of the Audubon Society, said in 2014 that it was “time to put climate change at the center of what we do to protect birds.”

“In the 19th century the threat to birds was the plume trade.  In the 1960’s it was DDT. In the 21st century it is climate change.” audubon.org

In 2016, they launched a birds and climate project, called “Climate Watch” described in  Audubon magazine Summer 2016.  The purpose is to refine the projections in the 2014 report.

What do Audubon volunteers and scientists do?  They count. In this project they are counting the number of Mountain, Western, and Eastern bluebirds in 10 kilometer squares, in both January and June, in an area crossing 10 states.

Yarnold says:  “You are what hope looks like to a bird.”

Audubon looks like hope to me.


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