Dogs at the Zoo and the Universe too!

We enjoyed more than a hundred enthusiastic visitors at our “History of the Universe” table on April 22 at the Rally for Science ZooMT !

Citizens’ Climate Education (Billings) and Eco-Angela (a program of Angela’s Piazza in Billings) volunteers presented two activities:  a puppet show modified from        Dr. Wendy Ring of Climate911, called “Montana D.O.G.S: Dozens of Good Solutions,” and an interactive exhibit of the Scientific History of the Universe, geared toward families.

We presented the model of the 14 Billion Year history of the universe from the Big Bang to the present, by late astronomer, cosmologist, and public educator, Carl Sagan. In this model, each month covers a little more than a billion years.  The month of December covers the billion years since the earth’s atmosphere became oxygenated.  No surprise, the dinosaurs were the biggest hit!



The April 23 Billings Gazette featured the puppet show in an article on the Rally for Science, Billings Gazette.

For more information, see this article CCL News January 19, 2017.  You can request a puppet show through

Contact Kathy at about a performance in Montana!


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