Clean, dynamic, and distributed

The headline of a June 26, 2017 article in Bloomberg New Energy Finance  “Energy to 2040: Faster shift to clean, dynamic, distributed.”

Seth Henbest’s analysis of the BNEF’s New Energy Outlook 2017 summarizes the “changing economics of energy generation” with these 10 “high level messages from 2017 to 2040.”

  1. Solar and wind dominate the future of energy
  2. Solar’s challenge gets more serious
  3. Onshore wind’s costs fall fast and offshore falls faster
  4. China and India are a $4 trillion opportunity for the energy sector
  5. Batteries and new sources of flexibility bolster reach of renewables
  6. Homeowners love of solar grows
  7. Electric vehicles bolster electricity use and help balance the grid
  8. Coal-fired power collapses in US and Europe and peaks globally by 2026
  9. Gas is a transition fuel, but not in the way most people think
  10. Global power sector emissions peak in just over 10 years, then decline

The article says that the emissions prediction shows  “significant additional climate policy risk” because it is nowhere near what is needed and thus the dramatic changes we are painting to 2040 in NEO2017 may well be accelerated.”New Energy Outlook 2017


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