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US Catholic Bishops react to Climate Bill

On January 23, 2019, the bipartisan “Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend” was re-introduced into the US House of Representatives. Two days later the US Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a Press Release. The Chair of their Committee on Domestic Justice and … Continue reading

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“The Great Debate” for regulatory utility commissioners

Want to influence the adoption of renewable energy in Montana?  Do you care what principals guide our Public Service Commissioners?  For a start, take a look at the agenda of the The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ (NARUC) annual … Continue reading

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Bill McKibben on carbon tax now

The  Yale360 climate blog posted an opinion by Bill McKibben on September 12, 2016, where he says it is time for a carbon tax and “it isn’t enough.” He recommends the Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s fee and dividend proposal, with the fee … Continue reading

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Reflexive Realism is what’s missing from the climate debate

Garrison Institute       reflexive cartoonp Jonathan Rowson is an “applied philosopher,” grandmaster chess player, and author of the forthcoming book  Seven Dimensions of Climate Change:  rethinking the world’s toughest problem, who writes about speaking at the recent forum in … Continue reading

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It’s all about the money: the revenues from a carbon tax

Here is Part Two (April 26, 2016) of David Roberts’ Vox post on how to overcome the “political hurdles facing a carbon tax.” Apparently these hurdles include the stands of some carbon tax advocates. In the “anti-politics of revenue-neutrality,” Roberts talks … Continue reading

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Ski industry responds to climate change

CCL News posted an article May 13, 2016, by Alex Counts, former president and CEO of the Grameen Foundation, on the response by the National Ski Areas Association to threats to their industry from lack of snow.

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Wasting time arguing

WBUR blog  In this WBUR NPR News Station blog, Wade Rouch, a research associate at MIT’s Program in Science, Technology, and Society, points out that by framing the impasse on slowing carbon emissions as “science wars”, we are not having the … Continue reading

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Politics and global warming: under the surface

  Yale and George Mason Universities’  Climate Change Communication centers surveyed  U.S. voters  opinions of politics and global warming in March, 2016, as part of their ongoing study on “Climate Change and the American Mind”.  They report an increase in the … Continue reading

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Climate Advocacy and Psychology Meet

Feel frustrated trying to get people to see climate change the way we do?                Psychology and climate change advocacy have met and have a lot to say about this. The topic is “engagement”. … Continue reading

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Climate scientist, evangelical Christian speaks

Stony Brook University’s Heidi Hutner’s  interview with Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, an atmospheric climate scientist, on what climate change is, climate denial in the U.S., and the role of women and people of faith in the solutions.

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