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Top economists on carbon price and decarbonization

An article from June 12 in Inside Climate News, says that “top economists,” led by Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas Stern, report that the current average low price on carbon (less than $10 a ton) worldwide, will not achieve the transition to low … Continue reading

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Bill McKibben on carbon tax now

The  Yale360 climate blog posted an opinion by Bill McKibben on September 12, 2016, where he says it is time for a carbon tax and “it isn’t enough.” He recommends the Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s fee and dividend proposal, with the fee … Continue reading

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Cheap, maximally efficient and minimally coercive

That’s how the  Washington Post editorial board describes a “simple, significant, slowly rising carbon fee,”  as a policy to lower carbon dioxide emissions.  (August 22, 2016)

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Reflexive Realism is what’s missing from the climate debate

Garrison Institute       reflexive cartoonp Jonathan Rowson is an “applied philosopher,” grandmaster chess player, and author of the forthcoming book  Seven Dimensions of Climate Change:  rethinking the world’s toughest problem, who writes about speaking at the recent forum in … Continue reading

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Scepticism on pricing carbon

Today in the,  Andrew Simms in the Guardian suggests that we take a deeper look into the economic models that show carbon pricing as a solution to climate change. Commenting on BP’s call for a “meaningful price on carbon” in … Continue reading

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To the editorial board of the WSJ

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“Support for carbon pricing is surging”

Bruce Hagen says in green tech media January, 2016, and it’s time for the solar and renewable energy lobby to get involved in carbon pricing policy.  Why?  One, because “carbon pricing is critical” to decarbonizing global energy in the next one-half century, … Continue reading

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