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Climate pricing according to IMF and World Bank

In yesterday’s  New York Times article, quoted by, the economic pain of raising the costs of fossil fuels by carbon pricing is featured.  There is no mention of  revenue-neutral programs such as that successfully used by British Columbia, or the … Continue reading

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Too hot for the bees

Our friend Alex Amonette  writes in a post on about a new report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services which describes the threat of floods, drought, smoke from wildfires, and high temperatures on the survival of bees. … Continue reading

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Climate scientist, evangelical Christian speaks

Stony Brook University’s Heidi Hutner’s  interview with Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, an atmospheric climate scientist, on what climate change is, climate denial in the U.S., and the role of women and people of faith in the solutions.

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Concern about global warming at eight year high

According to a March 16  Gallup press release, Americans are taking global warming more seriously than at any time in the past eight years. The survey was done March 2-6, 2016.

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Regional Climate Change and National Responsibilities

The Letter from James Hansen and Makiko Sato  published March 2, 2016 by Environmental Research Letters is another in a long series of  “must-reads” from climatologist Hansen. The paper starts with an update on observed global warming in recent decades with … Continue reading

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“Best group I’ve ever joined”

New 8 minute  video about Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers.

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Will we ever stop using fossil fuels?

MIT News Feb. 24, 2016 The answer is “no” unless we tax them, according to a study recently published in the  Journal of Economic Opportunities,  The study looked at costs of fossil fuels and renewables over a time frame of 5 … Continue reading

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Montana agriculture stakeholders get the lowdown on climate change

CCL News Feb 25, 2016 By Alex Amonette “Late last year, renowned climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann had some sobering news for Montanans who make their living off the land: If we don’t take steps to reduce carbon emissions, the impact of … Continue reading

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Hear Steve Running in Bozeman Nov 6!

CLIMATE: Charting a new course Panel featuring Dr. Running. Every day we hear of a new flood, drought, or hurricane enhanced by the warmer atmosphere and ocean due to climate change. Let’s ask Dr. Steven Running “What does our climate … Continue reading

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A dose of humility?

Try this Climate change information quiz.

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