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“The Great Debate” for regulatory utility commissioners

Want to influence the adoption of renewable energy in Montana?  Do you care what principals guide our Public Service Commissioners?  For a start, take a look at the agenda of the The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ (NARUC) annual … Continue reading

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“The Power of Change”

This 300 page book published September, 2016, by the National Academies Press (chartered by Congress) is the most up to date and credible analysis of the current status of technologies and policies supporting clean electric power technology. It can be downloaded for … Continue reading

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“Support for carbon pricing is surging”

Bruce Hagen says in green tech media January, 2016, and it’s time for the solar and renewable energy lobby to get involved in carbon pricing policy.  Why?  One, because “carbon pricing is critical” to decarbonizing global energy in the next one-half century, … Continue reading

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Want facts on sustainable energy? Look no further.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Business Council on Sustainable Development just published an update to their four year series on “the revolution transforming how the U.S. produces, delivers, and consumes energy.” It offers “simple, accurate benchmarks on the status … Continue reading

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